Daily Bulletin

Jim Thorpe Area High School Bulletin for Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Office Information

Office Hours -- 7:00am - 3:00pm Main Office -- 570-325-3663 Fax -- 570-325-8973


ATTENDANCE Attendance shall be required of all students enrolled in the school during the days and hours that the school is in session, except that a principal or teacher may excuse a student for temporary absences when he/she receives satisfactory evidence of such mental, physical, or other urgent conditions which may reasonably cause the student’s absence.
It should be noted, credit for the year may be withdrawn when a student acquires absences totaling twenty (20) or more days unless these are extenuating circumstances.
District-wide guidelines for attendance
Students arriving after 7:45 AM but before 10:30 AM are considered tardy.
Students arriving after 10:30 AM but before 12:30 PM are considered AM absence.
Students arriving after 12:30 PM will be considered a full day absence.
Students leaving before 12:30 PM will be considered a PM absence.
******Students arriving after 10:30 AM will be ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activity on that day unless there is documentation that is handed into the office showing their presence at an approved appointment.
As soon as a student returns to school after any absence, he/she should return an excuse card, note, or doctor’s statement to the office. This excuse card or note is to be completed by a parent indicating the reason for the absence and is to be signed by the parent. It is to be returned within THREE DAYS of the student’s return to school or the absence will be considered unexcused.
A note may be emailed to the main office -- Mrs. Ohl (johl@jtasd.org) or Mrs. Everitt (kamara.everitt@jtasd.org)
If a student is out for three or more consecutive days, there MUST be a Doctor’s certificate handed in, not a parent note, in order for the days to be excused.
Once a student accrues fifteen (15) days of absence , a Doctor’s certificate must be handed in for each day of absence thereafter, a parent’s note will cause the days to be considered unexcused. Administration has the option to call and verify doctor’s notes.
After three unlawful absences, the school authorities are required by law to notify the parent of such unlawful absences and to prosecute the parent or guardian.

Pocono Whitewater and Skirmish Lunch Table Visit Pocono Whitewater and Skirmish staff will be available in the commons/lunch room area on Wednesday, April 5th, to provide information on summer employment for river guides and paintball staff. Free training is provided. Stop by their table for more info or contact: Andy Fogal Vice-President Pocono Whitewater 1519 State Route 903 Jim Thorpe, Pa 18229 www.poconowhitewater.com 570-325-3654 Ext:127

Lunch Menu Week of 3/6/2023

Monday --Walking Taco with Chicken
Tuesday --Korean Beef Meatball Rice Bowl
Wednesday --Sweet and Sour Diced Chicken with Rice
Thursday --Chicken and Cheese Nachos
Friday --Open Face Pizza Burger

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